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Die Messvorrichtung, ein Garant für die maßgenaue Produktion

Fertigungsbetriebe, die sich auf die Herstellung von Werkstücken spezialisiert haben, arbeiten mit hochpräziser Messtechnik. Die Messvorrichtung ist das wichtigste Element für die maßgenaue Fertigung, denn sie gibt genaue Auskunft über die Maßgenauigkeit des einzelnen Werkstücks. In diesem Beitrag wird kurz erläutert, was es mit der Mess- oder Spannvorrichtung auf sich hat und welche Fertigungsbereiche von …


Stone veneer for the stylish interior and exterior design

The so-called Stone Veneer was launched surprisingly early on. For while it was officially conceived for the first time at the end of the 19th century, various much older traces of it can be found in ancient buildings, such as the Colosseum. The focus is that the beauty of stone can be integrated into buildings …

Dry Ice

What is Dry Ice Blasting for Cleaning?

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is generally used to ensure that the stubborn contamination is removed in an environmentally friendly manner. Many different surfaces can finally be cleaned with the help of the so-called dry ice rays. Many different dirt can be removed, such as ivy on the front of the house or the chewing gum …

Thin Stone from Slate Lite

A natural material with a honourable character

It can be very hard to find the right material for your living room. You want to use something special that can be long-lived? Thin Stone fulfills this point. You can benefit from this contribution. The great look convinces every day. So don’t waste your time. The stone guarantees a low workload and convinces with …