What you need to know about contract filling

A pay filler can implement the individual wishes of the customer effectively and quickly. This involves the filling of the emulsions, liquids, pastes, powders and fats. With the help of a modern machine park, the contract filler carries out fully automatic fillings in small quantities and in high quantities. In addition, it offers the filling and screwing of the bottles with different filling quantities. It is also a filler for special and special fillings, for example under EX conditions. This refers to the filling of flammable liquids and materials. However, contract filling, also known as contract filling, is subject to careful quality controls. The employees in the quality management system are DAR and ISO certified.

Contract Filling

In addition to the contract filling, the contract packaging

Through the contract filler, not only contract filling takes place, but also the contract packaging of the customer products, be it in the display or in the recyclable carton. Furthermore, the bottling company labels the contract packaging and the product according to the existing templates or according to the wishes of the customer in close cooperation with a printing company. Even coding or embossing the bones of glass, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene or another material is part of the all-round service of the contract bottler. In addition, he takes over the storage and logistics of cosmetic and chemical-technical products, as well as hazardous goods and substances. The bottler delivers reliably and quickly not only domestically, but also worldwide. The customer can use this comprehensive service to save valuable time.

Precise contract filling by modern devices

In order to meet its high-quality standards, the contract filler has a modern machine park with some fully automatic filling lines. These include, for example, a system with six test points for precise contract filling of the bottles, a bottle screwdriver with automatic torque detection for spray guns and trigger bottles, or a labeling device with thermal transfer pressure. The excellently trained specialists of the contract filling company are responsible for operating the special machines. Each machine undergoes regular maintenance and inspections to prevent material wear and conditions and to deliver consistently high quality.

General information about contract filling

In general, it is possible to divide contract filling into the food, cosmetics and chemical industries. The range of articles in chemical-technical contract filling starts with cleaning products and household cleaners. It ranges from paints, varnishes and adhesives to fertilizers and bulk materials. The fillers may be pastes, liquids, granules or powders, among others. Various companies use the expertise of the contract bottler to outsource the filling and packaging of their own products. As a result, the bottling company’s customers can save not only storage space and costs, but also valuable time, so that they can focus on other critical areas, such as marketing and sales.